Morality of politics

Many thinkers and political figures from the ancient world have developed different ideas about the political goals and achievements. This approach is called political moralism. For example, the ancient greek philosopher, Aristotle thought that all human beings should not be allowed to enter in political activities thus , at his system, women, slaves and foreigners were excluded from politics.

poliicsMany political moralists argue that politics should be directed towards achieving substantial goals. They argued that political arrangements should be organised to protect certain things which include political values such as justice, equality, liberty, happiness and national self determination. Moralism produces descriptions of ideal political societies known as Utopias, which is named after the English statesman and philosopher Thomas More’s book Utopia (published in 1516), which imagined an ideal nation. The Utopian political thinking goes back to the time of the Greek philosopher Plato, who discussed that in his book ‘Republic’. This thinking was still used by modern thinkers such as Robert Nozick for exploring ideas. However, many theorists believe that Utopian thinking is the part of the process for striving towards a better society.


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